We develop premium cosmetic consulting from the comfort of your home

For an effective treatment, using the best products, is not enough. You have to find the ones that best suit your skin. Taking this into account we developed a powerful tool for Helena Rubinstein that connects the best beauty advisors with HR’s clients in real time, to have personal consulations from the comfort of their own home. An avant garde service that once again proves the innovative spirit of Helena Rubinstein.


Since the beginning of the platform in early 2020 until today, our beauty advisors have provided advice to around 3000 clients and 9000 appointments have been requested in these two years. Furthermore, it is another way of getting to know our target audience. The tool provides us with data such as the average age of our clients or the times that are most convenient for them to dedicate time to themselves. Thanks to this kind of information, we can improve our future brand strategies and evolve along with them.

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