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Immerse in Elegance: Experience Guess's Bella Vita Paradiso 3D Activation

The extension of the 3D video project for the Guess Bella Vita Paradiso fragrance campaign, which includes a video where the perfume bottle appears in the center of the Plaza de España building and another video where the bottle appears from different perspectives Integrated with the spot, it expands the brand’s visual experience and strengthens its presence in different contexts. It is a creative and unique strategy to highlight the elegance and sophistication of the fragrance. Although these are 3D videos, the illusion of reality that is created adds a distinctive touch to the campaign.

The choice of the Plaza de España as a backdrop evokes specific sensations related to this very recognizable environment in the city of Madrid. The idea of “opening the façade of the building” to reveal the perfume bottle suggests a fusion between architectural beauty and elegance of fragrance, creating an immersive and engaging visual experience for the viewer.

The use of 3D technology allows for striking and realistic visual effects, which can increase the perception of the brand as innovative and avant-garde. Additionally, by making the video seem real, you seek to establish a stronger emotional connection with the audience, allowing them to imagine themselves participating in that unique experience.

The inclusion of 3D videos for outdoor screens and in shopping centers shows an omnichannel approach, taking advantage of various points of contact with the target audience. By viewing the bottle from different perspectives, the campaign seeks to offer a complete and detailed representation of the product, highlighting its characteristics and attributes in an attractive way.

The strategic choice to use 3D technology in various digital environments demonstrates the versatility of the campaign and its ability to adapt to different platforms and audiences. Furthermore, by displaying the bottle in a realistic manner, the perception of Guess as an innovative brand at the forefront of advertising technology is reinforced. Together, this project not only highlights the beauty and exclusivity of the Bella Vita Paradiso fragrance, but also demonstrates Guess’s ability to tell captivating visual stories and create immersive experiences that effectively engage their audience.

In summary, this creative approach to the Guess Bella Vita Paradiso fragrance campaign through 3D videos shows a combination of imagination and technology to highlight the beauty and exclusivity of the product in a visually striking context.