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Unleash the Legend: Montblanc & Zidane's Epic Outdoor Adventure

Montblanc’s Outdoor campaign generated great notoriety and reach in the national market in the month of December, 2023. It focused on the street furniture circuit in the main capitals, as well as in strategic locations such as the Madrid metro, specifically in the Santiago Bernabéu stop or the use of a large banner on 157 Alcalá street (corner with Goya street), having massive exposure of the Montblanc Legend brand and fragrance.

The choice of the Santiago Bernabéu metro stop is especially important due to its high influx of public, which guarantees a great impact on a diverse and large audience. Furthermore, the use of a large banner on 157 Alcalá Street, with 800m2, provides a dominant presence in a busy location, ensuring great visibility and brand commitment.

The decision to use Zinedine Zidane’s visuals with the Montblanc Legend fragrance adds an element of recognition and prestige to the campaign. Zidane is a well-known and respected figure internationally, so associating his image with the fragrance may have increased the appeal of the product to the target audience.

The fact that the campaign was carried out during the month of December is also strategic, since this period coincides with the Christmas shopping season, when people are more receptive to advertising campaigns and are more likely to make purchases. So we tried to be in the vision of potential buyers of the fragrance for their Christmas gifts.


In summary, Montblanc’s Outdoor campaign was an effective combination of strategic placements, powerful brand partnerships and a carefully planned schedule, resulting in great awareness and reach for the brand and its Montblanc Legend fragrance.