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Uomo Acqua y Bella Vita. Guess Where Trip

#GuessWhere was an immersive content creation trip that perfectly captured the essence of Uomo Acqua and Bella Vita Rosa. Over the course of three days, we invited four influencer couples to join us on a journey to Ibiza, where they would engage in activities and experiences that epitomize the Mediterranean spirit reflected in these fragrances.

The purpose of this trip was to provide the influencers with unique and exciting opportunities to create high-quality content that showcased the Uomo Acqua and Bella Vita Rosa fragrance

Throughout their stay in Ibiza, the influencers were immersed in a carefully curated itinerary designed to encapsulate the essence of both fragrances. From sailing along the vibrant coastline and exploring hidden coves to indulging in authentic Mediterranean cuisine and experiencing the island’s vibrant nightlife, every moment was carefully planned to align with the adventurous and carefree spirit of Uomo Acqua and the playful nature of Bella Vita Rosa.

By combining the allure of Ibiza, the captivating fragrances of Uomo Acqua and Bella Vita Rosa, and the creativity of the influencer couples, the content creation trip successfully delivered engaging and authentic content that showcased the Mediterranean essence of the fragrances and their seamless alignment with the influencers’ personal brand

This entire journey was supported by a programmatic advertising campaign and a TikTok campaign featuring the influencers’ content in formats such as top view and top feed. In addition to the digital aspect, we also leveraged OOH (Out-of-Home) screens throughout Spain.


Trough the content creation trip, supported by a programmatic advertising campaign, TikTok promotion, and OOH screens throughout Spain, we successfully amplified the Mediterranean essence of Uomo Acqua and Bella Vita Rosa, creating a 360 coverage that reached and captivated audiences both online and offline.