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Family Recipes by Eau de Rochas

The best guests with their best family recipes

Eau de Rochas, the perfume which has been in the lives of Spanish women for the last five decades, was the first Eau de cologne created expressly for women under the leadership of Hélène Rochas and for years it has been passed down from mother to daughter and has marked an era. A scent that smells like home…and from this idea comes this new project.

Rochas has developed projects that speak of traditions that are inherited, of family secrets, of stories about what is important, about what lasts, about what unites families and about everything that crosses generations, such as values, jewellery or the iconic Eau de Rochas, present in so many generations of women and promoter of this project.

The best guests with their best family recipes

On the first Tuesday of every month, Samantha is interviewing a well-known character and will have a conversation about family secrets, traditions, customs and principles inherited and passed down from generation to generation, at the same time as that character reveals their best-kept secret: that family recipe that is passed down from generation to generation and leaves an indelible memory.

We want to feed on the anecdotes behind that starter, main course, or dessert that, as well as fills the stomach, also fulfils the soul. At the end of the project, a book of recipes by the friends of Rochas will be published, the benefits of which will go entirely to “Banco de Alimentos”, which promotes the fight against hunger, poverty, and food waste by using and distributing food to the people most in need.

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