Montblanc fragrances have their foundations in the history of the brand itself. A story that begins in 1906, when August Eberstein, talented engineer, and Alfred Nehemias, great visionary, conceived together the first fountain pen. Their ambition was to create a writing instrument that did not require an inkwell, and which would become the first portable fountain pen. Since then, their codes of luxury have taken shape: Prestige, Timeless Elegance, Culture, Refinement, Craftsmanship…


In 1913 the Montblanc star becomes the symbol of the House. A six-pointed white star with each point representing a glacier of the Mont Blanc massif, the highest snow-capped mountain in Europe.

Being avant-garde, the brand has been able to evolve over time and renew itself, constantly enriching itself with new episodes and new dreamy materials to rise and reach the top of excellence: leather goods, watches, eyewear, or fine jewellery.


In 2001, Montblanc launches its first fragrance, writing a new chapter in its history and reinventing itself in a unique and personal way.


Perfumes engrave on the skin with invisible ink that which the pen leaves written on paper

Elegance and masculinity, this is what Montblanc fragrances suggest. Their design and scent express these same values. The Legend line is composed of fragrances for serene and self-confident men. Without saying a single word, a personality based on strong ideas and sincere and passionate tastes can be sensed. With the Explorer range, the brand embarks on a quest for new olfactory territory full of exceptional ingredients. It defies convention and seeks new horizons in the world of perfumery, surprising with scents that invite you on a journey through the senses.