The House was founded in 1925 by the 23-years old Marcel Rochas who had inherited his great instinct for colours and shapes from his father, a jeweller. His love for perfumes was both innate and immense.
In the words of Marcel Rochas: «One must smell a woman before even seeing her». Perfumes began to be a part of the couture House in 1936, but it was not until 1943 that Rochas became a genuine perfumer-creator himself.
Eau de Rochas is the House’s most successful and popular fragrance, which for decades has been a female scent best-seller in Spain. Eau de Rochas brings memories of holidays, a mother’s or a sister’s smile surrounded by this scent trail, or that beam on your face each time you wear this fragrance… A fresh water pioneer, this fragrance has become a cult object, a reference we always recall with joy.


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