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Le's Co-create, Acqua Colonia

We lead synergies with related brands, creating unique collaborations

4711 Acqua Colonia, the iconic line of fresh colognes inspired by nature and The Villa Concept, the lifestyle brand founded by the famous sisters, Grace and Melissa Villarreal, who have more than 876.000 followers on IG, joined both worlds resulting in Acqua Colonia by Villa Fragrances.

This is how at the end of 2020 we launched Acqua Colonia by Villa, Matcha & Frangipani, a soft floral scent that brings calm and well-being. Due to its success, more than the 50% of the stock was sold during the first 24H, and we extended the partnership with Green Tea & Bergamot, a refreshing limited edition for the summer with tea as a common thread. Both fragrances are only available on the brands Ecommerce with the revolutionary “Try First” format. The organic Instagram buzz generated by all the Villa’s friends during the launch was priceless.

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