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Millennials, Boomers, Gen Zers, Gen Yers…

The world is trying to label everything as if what we are or want to be can be defined and put into a pigeonhole. However, it turns out that the greatest inheritances that make up our personality come from our mothers, grandmothers, aunts… There is a thread that runs through the generations and that unites us all. Sometimes it is popular wisdom, sayings, advice… other times it is simply a scent that smells like home. From this idea comes Generación R, an ageless podcast by Rochas that talks about family secrets, traditions, customs and principles inherited and transmitted from generation to generation.

In Generación R we have tried to find that thread that runs through the lives of mothers to daughters and forms a unique sentimental geography. We have inquired about those tips, lessons learned, sayings, recipes or even superstitions that are passed down from generation to generation as an intangible legacy and that make up our best inheritance. That which we want later generations not to forget.

In the case of perfumes, for a scent to become an icon, an olfactory standard not only for one generation but for several, being able to remain safe from fashions that distort its essence, ingredients that go beyond a renowned nose and excellent raw materials are necessary. Being ahead of the times, exceeding expectations, passion and consistency are the nuances that make the difference. In the case of Rochas, the common thread of its olfactory creations is none other than love for women in all their facets.

That same love is what we wanted to convey through the stories of the different interviewees of the Generation R podcast, which has allowed us to talk about the brand in an intimate way for six months, week after week, via different audio platforms and YouTube, and generate interesting content with which to advertise on social networks.

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