Orlane has been caring for our skin since 1947 with extraordinary textures and innovative formulas in anti-aging cosmetics. Its beauty institute, located in a 19th century building in Paris, welcomes clients belonging to three generations of the same family: grandmothers, mothers and daughters who have been won over by the exceptional expertise of all its professionals.


It has a vision of beauty capable of deceiving time, without false promises, simply with the guarantee of being the brand of reference for many women and improving their skin’s condition significantly. Thanks to the expertise of its research laboratories near Orleans, its products are based on a truly scientific approach.

B21 Extraordinaire is a unique treatment capable of eliminating skin cell dysfunctions, restarting and re-educating them

A revolutionary brand in the world of cosmetics: creator of the first global anti-aging treatment for mature skin, precursor in the use of active ingredients and author of the most expensive cream in the world.


Orlane has developed an authentic care philosophy and an unrivaled anti-aging complex, known as B21 Bio-Energic, which enables the key mechanisms for youthful skin to be set in motion. It is the true synonym for excellence for the most demanding women.