Hoss Intropia was born in 1994 and, after a successful trajectory with important recognition and strong international development, Tendam acquired it to relaunch in 2021, maintaining the initial spirit of the brand. The brand is present in 32 Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro points of sale, integrating its own image.


Hoss intropia is a Spanish women’s brand with a Mediterranean spirit, bohemian-sophisticated and with its own personality, which pays special attention to the design, quality and handcrafted details of the garments, both for everyday wear and for special occasions. A journey towards naturalness, a return to authenticity and personal style.

It is the brand for that woman who knows exactly who she is…. HERSELF.


Hoss Intropia has entrusted Farlabo to transmit its essence through a new line of fragrances. Thus, in 2021 it launches its first perfume, Gadea, a Mediterranean floral scent with a woman’s name, the main source of inspiration for the brand. A fragrance that makes the dream of being able to feel the Mediterranean wherever you are a reality.

Jordi Fernández, perfumer of the Swiss house Givaudan and author of numerous successful perfumes linked to the world of fashion has been responsible for this olfactory creation.




“Gadea dreamed of being able to feel the Mediterranean all year round, wherever she was”

 “Gadea dreamed of being able to feel the Mediterranean all year round, wherever she was. She wanted to be able to feel that Mediterranean floral essence without having to travel. A fresh citrus top note, a floral heart of gardenia and jasmine and a marine base of sandalwood and moss. She only needed to preserve it with the glass of a bottle and the wooden stopper from sustainable Spanish forests to maintain every nuance and to be able to feel it wherever he is”.

Gadea has been developed in Spain with 80% of ingredients of natural origin, without filters or colourings. It is a vegan perfume with reusable FSC cardboard packaging.