Helena Rubinstein is one of the few brands in the cosmetics industry that is more than a hundred years old, being born in 1902. Starting from nothing, its founder built a cosmetics empire and wrote the rules that govern the beauty industry as we know it today.


Visionary in every area in which she became involved, she passed on a mission to us as a heritage: that of innovation. Her entrepreneurial itinerary and her avant-garde vision inspire us each day to show audacity, free spirit and push back the limits of cosmetic efficacy to offer women, today and tomorrow, the “Power of Beauty”.

Beauty is power, the most important of all

– Helena Rubinstein

Driven by the same motivations that inspired its founder more than a century ago, the brand offers exceptional cosmetic treatments that are pioneering, effective and a pleasure for all the senses, where science is at the service of beauty. The brand works with the most eminent biologists, dermatologists, and aesthetic doctors to design the most innovative products.


Always bearing in mind the science-beauty binomial of Madame Avant-Garde, the brand’s latest chapter starts in 2014 when Helena Rubinstein begins working with Jean-Marc Lemaître, Research Director at Inserm (French Institute of Health and Medical Research), to explore how innovations in cellular reprogramming can be applied to its products. One of the specificities of the brand is that it is always seeking maximum efficacy: sourcing rare and precious ingredients, in high concentrations, and working on the ultimate formula and optimized concentrations first. Then, the brand ensures that its formulas have the most optimal bio affinity of the active ingredients and evaluate their efficacy in a truly unique way in our industry with tests in “real life conditions”.