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Unique and tailored

We have the best technological and human means and provide our brands with distribution systems supported by the most innovative tools, bringing real value to each brand. Our passionate, young and agile team is fully integrated in our brands and enables us to offer unique services to our selective Perfumes, Luxury Cosmetics and Pharmacy customers. We achieve our goals through the work and expertise of five departments and a transversal structure.


Given our important commercial structure, coupled with the experience of our sales teams in the perfume sector, we can properly reach the different channels of our market. We ensure optimal responsiveness to our retailers’ head offices, as well as their points of sales, delivering the necessary assistance with a view to the final consumer.


Our marketing team has an extensive experience in the sector. It manages product portfolios and works to contribute to the development of each brand, providing them with the knowledge to understand consumer behaviour and adapting global strategies to local markets.


Innovative communication strategies with a close relationship with the media and influencers make it possible to reach important mentions in press and social media.


We support the digital transformation of the company, which facilitates our adaptability to the trends of each moment and the ability to reach the greatest number of people, all through with a omnichannel strategy.


Our outstanding team trains the great professionals who work for our company. We accomplish expertise in our work area by means of cultivating continuous learning and renovation, which we achieve through the training given by our company’s experts to the local distribution staff.


We have a department exclusively focused on managing El Corte Inglés, given the sales volume of the company. El Corte Inglés is the only great department store in Spain and has around 100 stores throughout the country.

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