Coach, the quintessential American leather goods company, was founded in 1941 in the heart of Manhattan.


Inspired by the unique varnish and soft, supple feel of a used baseball glove, a team of six craftsmen set to work with a single goal in mind: to treat leather differently.

Today, Coach is a world-renowned brand that has coined the term «modern luxury» and is a reflection of an inclusive lifestyle that keeps the brand’s core values of authenticity, relevance and innovation in its DNA.


Since perfumes are such an important part of the Coach story, Stuart Vevers, the house’s creative director, has been involved in every step of the creative process, ensuring that the fragrances truly symbolize everything the brand stands for.

“That lightness of the American spirit with the known, familiar, and now modernized proportions makes the brand unique”


– Stuart Vevers

The bottles incorporate many iconic Coach codes as a tribute to the legacy of the American brand: sprays that mimic the shape of the iconic clasps that decorate the bags, leather tags that hang down for an unmistakable finishing touch or the stamp with the carriage and horses logo, an enduring symbol of the House’s craftsmanship. The scents are always inspired by the spontaneous energy and urban elegance of New York City.