André Courrèges established his haute couture House in 1961 with his wife, Coqueline, after working with Balenciaga for 11 years. He was a visionary with an epoch-making style. Bold and futuristic, sometimes misunderstood, but definitely one of the most influential and revolutionary designers in the history of modern fashion.
André Courrèges idealises white and increases the possibilities regarding colours and materials, introducing methacrylate and vinyl. Courrèges continues devoting time to any topic where innovation and creativity are present: architecture, perfumes, sports and design.
In 2014, Courrèges took up the development of its fragrances, consolidating itself as a perfume-creating couture House. Courrèges pays special attention to quality and has the uttermost respect for the finest French olfactory legacy. In 2015, the company chose Farlabo, a real Courrèges lover, as its distributor in Spain.
The renowned Eau de Courrèges reappears in a vibrant case and is accompanied by two new fragrances: Rose and Blanc, a byword for the new Courrèges, which, along with In Blue and Empreinte, complete the brand’s collection.


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