Our history


Foundation of the company as a Pharmaceutical Laboratory

In 1947, at the age of 27 years old, Juan Abeniacar, with a PhD in Pharmacy, founded Farlabo. The company was set up as a pharmaceutical laboratory housed in the basement of the Farmacia Internacional, located in Calle Peligros in Madrid. Years later, it became the main developer of very important drugs at the time. Thus, Farlabo owes its name to its pharmaceutical origins.


Beginning of our distribution activity for prestigious brands

In 1951, Juan Abeniacar moved his company to a detached house located in Calle Teruel, in Madrid. Five years later, in 1956, Farlabo started distributing perfumes in Spain. During those years, our laboratory witnessed the extraordinary coexistence of two completely antagonistic worlds: cosmetics and pharmacy, developing great bonds of affection and professionalism between these two sectors.


Distribution agreement with Maurer & Wirtz for 4711 Eau de Cologne

Farlabo expanded its distribution range and signed a distribution agreement to market Maurer & Wirtz 4711 cologne brand, which owns the oldest classic fragrance in the world (4711 Original – Eau de Cologne), known for its positive and revitalizing effects on the body. Nowadays, the brand remains a benchmark in the cologne market.


New stage in Farlabo’s history with the distribution agreements for cosmetics brands such as Troll Cosmetics and Orlane

Farlabo began a new phase with the distribution agreements for renowned cosmetics brands, such as Orlane, Juvena, and Marlies Möller.
Orlane, a Paris-based brand, has over 60 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of natural beauty products. Meanwhile, Juvena and Marlies Möller belong to the Swiss origin group Troll Cosmetics, which has been engaged in the development of cosmetic and hair care products since 1954.


Distribution agreement with the French group Interparfums

This was the year when the company strengthened its position as perfume distributor, thanks to a distribution agreement with Interparfums. The luxury fragrances of this important brand were added to Farlabo’s catalogue: Montblanc, Jimmy Choo, Balmain, Lanvin, Repetto, Van Cleef & Arples, Boucheron.


Joint Venture with Rochas Spain

Rochas, which for over 40 years had been a leading brand in the perfume sector in Spain, was acquired by Interparfums Group. Farlabo set up a joint venture with Interparfums to distribute Rochas on the Spanish market. Thus, from that moment, the company was responsible for the implementation of marketing, communication and sales strategies in Spain.


Farlabo starts distributing the renowned brands belonging to Interparfums USA. The Pharmacy division is launched

Farlabo starts a new stage hand in hand with Interparfums USA with the establishment of some of its brands in Spain: Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch and Agent Provocateur, establishing itself as the major player in the distribution of selective perfumes in Spain.
On the other hand, Iván Abeniacar, grandson of the founder, brings Farlabo back to its pharmaceutical roots. In 2016, he joins the company to start distributing Delarom and Declaré brands.

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